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Liebe Leser, aufgrund des neuen Glückspielstaatsvertrages bewirbt die Nachgefragt Redaktion ausschließlich Anbieter, die sich nachweislich an den Regulierungsprozess halten und um eine Lizenz bemühen. Andere Anbieter werden nicht berücksichtigt.

Volleyball Wetten – Top Tipps für Deine Vorhersagen

A volleyballFreunde des Volleyballs finden bei Online-Wettanbietern eine hervorragende Angebotstiefe an Wettvarianten. Bei hochkarätigen Ansetzungen in den Bundesligen oder internationalen Turnieren stehen zudem interessante Sonderwetten zur Verfügung. Die Sportart ist ganzjährig präsent, während es im Winter in der Halle zur Sache geht, zieht es in der Sommerpause viele Profis während der World Tour im Beachvolleyball auf die Sandplätze.

The league operations in beach and indoor volleyball also offer exciting and dynamic games with attractive odds. How lucrative volleyball bets can be for you and what an interesting repertoire of betting options bookmakers have in store for you, you will find out in the following article, which begins with a list of excellent providers who are suitable for volleyball bets.

The overview with the verified and popular providers:

Standard betting options to get you started

With the bookmakers, the bet types on classic volleyball games and beach volleyball can hardly be distinguished from each other. The peculiarities should only be included in the analysis of the counterparties and the strategic betting opportunities.

Fluctuations in form are more apparent in beach volleyball betting with two players on each side than in the traditional indoor six-on-six. In the case of set bets, it should be noted that in beach volleyball these are over two winning sets and in indoor volleyball over three sets.

The betting offers on national championships and international tournaments such as the World League or Grand Prix are treated the same by the betting providers, in contrast to other sports with women’s and men’s teams. Since there can be no tie in volleyball matches, two-way bets occupy the main market among sports betting. For beginners, this is the best opportunity to gain initial experience. A look at the available statistics from the bookmakers is enough to identify the favorites and which team is more likely to win is also reflected in the odds, as you can see now.

match home away
OK Vojvodina Novi Sad – Shakhtior Soligorsk 1.55 2.30

Volleyball games offer interesting opportunities for ambitious sports fans to achieve high profits with result bets. That may sound reckless among volleyball amateurs who primarily bet on popular sports, but it isn’t. The regular course of a volleyball game is three sets, which allow a total of only six outcomes.

This results in a winning probability of 1 to 6 for result bets. The odds are high for this variant and offer experienced bettors extraordinary chances of being able to achieve a high return.

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Attractive specials with high return opportunities

If you want to try your hand at the lucrative area of ​​special bets, you should take a closer look at the fast-paced racquet game. Background information about feared opponents, current team forms and injuries to players as well as specialist knowledge of the sport and mastering the rules are an absolute must.

In terms of long-term bets, the bet on the German volleyball champion is certainly the most interesting market. Especially for the fan base of a club or for sports fans who like to watch volleyball live, a running tip on the championship provides additional excitement throughout the season.

Das Sonderangebot bei Bet3000 neu_2

There is practically every season the opportunity to bet on the promoted teams in the 2nd Bundesliga or to place a bet on the champion. Which teams will qualify for the playoff games at the end of the season is also an interesting option for a long-term bet. As already mentioned, exact result predictions are extremely popular, especially in the 1st and 2nd Bundesliga, due to a calculable probability of occurrence.

Enthusiastic tippers can bet on the exact outcome with set bets. The odds for these types of bets are often in the double-digit range, which increases the potential return if you win. Of course, the risk also increases and you can now find out how high the odds are.

Events rate
Berlin recycling volleyball 1.30
VfB Friedrichshafen 3.20
Alpine volleyball Haching 21.00
United Volleys Rhein-Main 24.00
Power volley Dueren 34.00
SVG Lueneburg 51.00

For experienced volleyball fans there is another possibility to place live bets. Some of the games can be received via live stream from betting providers or run on German free TV. In addition to the classic win bets, the live portfolio offers the option of betting on two results or whether a set goes into overtime in order to determine the winner in a deciding set.

This means you bet on the final score and the result in the first set. This type of bet is also suitable as a betting option in the pre-match area, but it is easier to see a trend over the course of the first set.

Tips and tricks for fun betting

Anyone who is a little familiar with the volleyball teams in the federal leagues can look into the option of handicap bets. How many sets will there be in the game or which team will win more sets is available for almost every game from well-established betting providers. It is advisable to bet on a clear favorite, namely that all 3 sets will be won. Especially in the matches in the 2nd Bundesliga, when a promoted team competes against a top team with promotion ambitions, the difference in quality is usually quite large.

Richtig interessant und deutlich rentabler wird es in den Playoffs um die deutsche Meisterschaft. Die ersten acht Teams der Tabelle spielen in einer Best-of-5 Serie den Meister aus. Nach der ersten Knockout Runde treten verhältnismäßig gleichstarke Teams gegeneinander an, wo es sich durchaus lohnen kann, auf vier oder fünf Sätze zu tippen.

Speziell bei Playoff Matches werden nur selten 3:0 Erfolge erzielt. Darüber hinaus sind Volleyball Wetten perfekt für Strategien im Live-Bereich zu verwenden. Treffen zwei gleichstarke Teams aufeinander, bewegen sich die Wettkurse auf den Sieg in einem ausgeglichenen Satz um eine Quote von 2,0.

Ein effektiver Wettansatz ergibt sich am Ende eines Satzes, wenn die Punktzahl 22:23 oder 23:24 erreicht. Mit jedem neuen Punkt ändert sich der Favorit in der Darstellung der aktuellen Quote. Wem es gelingt, auf jedes Team im Verlaufe des Satz-Spiels einen Tipp mit einer Quote von über 2,0 zu platzieren, kann unter dem Strich einen kleinen Gewinn verbuchen. Die Methode ist allerdings meist ausschließlich mit verschiedenen Buchmachern möglich und verlangt schnelles Handeln sowie eine hohe Flexibilität vom Spieler.

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Interessante Sportart mit guten Erfolgsaussichten

The overview of the complex volleyball bets makes it clear how important it is to deal with the game and its rules and to carry out a detailed selection process in advance . For hobby players it is of course possible at any time to set a huge favorite for a combination bet with different sporting events, but in such a case there are no high individual odds.

If you want to take advantage of the probabilities available to be successful with volleyball match tips, you need to learn more about the teams and volleyball players. The betting providers from our list provide a good basis. With all sorts of interesting statistics and team comparisons, prediction players get an impression of the strengths and weaknesses of the teams.